Title: I Know You Care (Instrumental)
Artist: Ellie Goulding
Played: 59 times


I Know You Care (Instrumental) - Ellie Goulding



↪550+ hq gifs of the light of my life, niall horan. YOU CAN FIND MY SAD/UPSET NIALL GIF HUNT BY CLICKING ANYWHERE IN THIS SENTENCE! none of these gifs belong to me, so if you find your gifs in here and want me to credit you then don't hesitate to send me a message! there should be no repeats, but i apologize in advance if you find any.

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Camp Nou




Emmanuel Hudson distributing life


This ruined me.

"So Nash whoever makes vines? Who the fuck cares? Why are you giving some asshole that makes 6 second videos further attention by posting about him? Ignore that shit. He's not worth your time. Also, why the fuck am I taking enough time out of my life to even respond to any of this? I have to go sit in a bath and ask myself some tough questions....what was the point of any of this?"


The point is that he is homophobic, sexist and racist. He has MILLIONS of fans, people who worship him, people who’d do anything to get him to like them, people who see him as their idol. They will try to copy him, what he does, they will. If he keeps being homophobic, sexist and racist, who’s gonna tell his followers that it’s wrong? They will believe him and they will also become sexist, homophobic and racist. 

And it will HURT people, it could KILL people. just imagine all of those people in the lgbt+ community who saw that homophobic vine and felt like they were useless. And him tweeting “Gay rights?? Nahh”, don’t you think that will make them sad, that millions of people think they’re useless, wrong and are going to hell? Stuff like this could lead to suicide! We can’t let thim happen! people like him should not me celebrities because it teaches our generations to become even more sexist, homophobic and racist. People’s lifes could be in danger.




Under the cut you will find ### small to medium sized quality gifs of the ship ZIAM (Zayn Malik and Liam Payne). None of these gifs belong to me, I did not make any of them. Credit goes to the rightful owners. Reblog and/or like if you saved and if this helped you somehow. Apologizing for any repeats/grey boxes although there shouldn’t be any.


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Ellie Goulding gif hunt


↳ ♛ 150+small medium/high quality gifs of Ellie Goulding. None of these gifs were made by mine, all credits goes to their owners. Please like or reblog this post if you found it helpful. No 24 and 25 codes.


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